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If you want to live a long and healthy life, it’s important to invest in preventive medicine. Routine check-ups and preventive screenings can catch issues early on and keep them from getting worse. At the practice of Jason Edward Peters, MD, PA, family medicine physician Jason Peters, MD, and Victor Gonzalez, PA-C, offer a full suite of preventive medicine services to people of all ages. To make an appointment at the practice in Harlingen, Texas, call the office today or click the online booking feature.

Preventive Medicine Q & A

What is preventive medicine?

Preventive medicine uses laboratory testing, physical exams, and other types of screening procedures to catch potentially serious health problems early on when they respond best to treatment. 

Many chronic conditions, like diabetes, hypertension, and COPD, develop slowly. In the early stages of development, they rarely present symptoms, so you might not realize anything is wrong. By participating in preventive medicine, you can preserve your health and well-being for the future.

What services does preventive medicine offer?

Jason Edward Peters, MD, PA, offers a variety of preventive medicine services, including:

Physical exams

A physical exam assesses your health. During an exam, your provider listens to your heart and lungs, checks your blood pressure, orders lab testing, and asks about any unusual symptoms. It’s important to receive a physical at least once a year, especially if you're 50 or older. 

Laboratory testing

Laboratory testing analyzes samples of bodily fluids like saliva, blood, or urine. These tests can detect potentially serious conditions invisible to the naked eye, like hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, or high blood sugar. 


Immunizations teach your immune system to identify and destroy harmful invaders like bacteria or viruses. The type of immunizations you need depends on your age, health history, and if you have any underlying medical conditions.  

Diagnostic imaging

Diagnostic imaging uses advanced technologies, like X-rays, ultrasound, or an MRI to capture detailed images of your hard and soft tissues. These procedures can help your provider detect fractures, pneumonia, or other underlying conditions invisible to the eye.

Gender-specific screenings

Both men and women are susceptible to certain gender-specific conditions as they age. Jason Edward Peters, MD, PA, offers several types of gender-specific screenings, including Pap tests, breast exams, and digital rectal exams (DRE).

Who can benefit from preventive medicine?

Anyone who wants to live a long, healthy, and disease-free life can benefit from preventive medicine. Regular visits to Jason Edward Peters, MD, PA, can preserve your health for years to come and alert you to potential issues when they’re easiest to treat.

To learn more about the benefits of preventive medicine, make an appointment at the practice of Jason Edward Peters, MD, PA, by calling the office today or scheduling online.